Interviu DJ Rebel: despre noua piesă, „Let me love you” și planuri de viitor

Noul interviu de pe blog îl prezintă pe DJ Rebel, cu care am stat de vorbă cu prilejul lansării noului său single, „Let me love you”, în colaborare cu Mohombi și Shaggy. Am aflat de la el cum a luat naștere piesa, cât de greu (sau ușor, vedeți voi în material Razz) este să ajungi DJ, cum preferă să asculte muzică și nu numai.

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How has your life changed after your music career took off?

9 Years ago I got the chance to turn my hobby into a full-time job, so my life has changed drastically since then. Sometimes it’s very hectic and stressful, but I can’t think of a more fantastic job in the world then this job.

How did you, Mohombi and Shaggy get together for „Let me love you”?

When I finished the music, I knew exactly who was the perfect combination for this song: Mohombi & Shaggy! They are the perfect duo when it comes to this style of music. So we e-mailed his label, and almost got immediate answer. It turns out Mohombi was a huge fan of the melody, so he wanted to jump into this as soon as he could. We got in touch through Snapchat, talked a little bit and we were recording in the studio one week later. During the session I asked him if he could reach out to Shaggy for the rap part of the song, and he also loved the idea.

What or who inspired you to make this song?

The melody inspired me actually. I always was a huge fan of the original track by Abdel Kader, and played it a lot in the urban part of my set. So I wanted to see if I could make a great 2016 version of it, and it turned out to be an amazing new version. I think I made the whole song in less then a week, the inspiration just kept coming.

What’s a perfect recording to you?

A perfect recording is a track that catches my attention in the first 5 seconds. When I hear the intro of a track I’ve never heard before and I immediately want to turn up the volume, then I know it’s gonna be something good. For example „Can’t stop the feeling” from Justin Timberlake was a track that drew my ears to the radio instantly when I heard it the first time. For me the perfect song is a combination of the right sounds, chords, and tempo. I can talk about that all day if you want, haha.

What’s your opinion about music streaming services?

For me, streaming is the future. Nobody buys music anymore, they stream everything. And I don’t blame them. I do it myself all the time. Of course I buy all the music that I’m playing in my sets, but when I’m in the car there’s nothing more easy then turning on streaming. It’s a part of the evolving process of technology, and the way of living. There will come a time where you can’t buy CD’s anymore in the stores, and have to download everything. We’re already half there.


What’s your perspective about being DJ in these days? It’s that easy?

Well that’s a question that has different opinions and different answers. Some people think it’s very easy to become a DJ, and everybody can do it. Others think it’s something where only a few people are actually very good at it.

In my opinion you can not suddenly „become” a DJ, out of nowhere. Music, and the need of playing music for people and making music, is something that’s in your blood from since you were born. It’s about a real passion and wanting to know everything about that passion. I was 6 years old when I stood on my grandma’s table with a guitar in my hand, singing songs all day. I grew up with music all day long and wanted to know everything about it.

That being said, it’s very hard for me to believe you’re a ‘serious’ DJ, when you only started 1 year ago. For me, a good DJ knows how to play and mix every style of music. From R&B and Hip-Hop, to house, EDM, Trap, Twerk, Drum&Bass and Hardstyle. It takes years of experience to be good at that. DJ’ing is about playing the music that you love, and making sure that you choose the right audience for the music that you play. If you wanna play and make commercial music, make sure you get in touch with the right audience, who also love this kind of music. That’s how you create your fanbase.

There are a lot of DJ’s (who nobody really knows), getting promoted by agencies with a lot of money who want to put you in the spotlight, but that’s not the way to promote you as an artist. Let the music do the talking, and you’ll get there eventually. It maybe take a little longer, but you’ll get there. Real talent always finds a way.

How you see the music industry right now?

The music industry is a tough world. Well, it’s easy if you’re Beyonce or Justin Bieber, but hard for new artists that try to break through internationally. And that’s where the music jumps in. If you have the right music in your hands, it will be easier to get in touch with other artists. Helping each other forward with the right music, that’s what it’s all about. It’s fantastic how music can bring people from all over the world together.

What’s next for DJ Rebel?

Well, I worked really hard the last months on new music. In the past I always produced house or EDM music. I want to change my direction now and create music that I always loved to play: R&B, Pop, Latin, Hip-Hop and dance music.

I started 10 years ago as an R&B DJ, and never stopped playing it in my sets. At the moment I have 3 tracks. 1 of them is almost ready and will be the new single. It will come out shortly after the New Year. I am so proud of this track, and i know for sure everyone will love it. Unfortunately I can not tell you who will be the vocalist yet, but I can guarantee you that you’ll love him. And he’s gonna kill it, absolutely.

But for now, just „Let Me Love You„. Wink


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